Services For Institutions
As we grow, it is the company’s goal to incorporate all innovative ideas and experiences to render a more quality service to students which results to more students being sent to foreign educational institutions. All efforts are all addressed to these clients’ needs, values and desires which makes them more comfortable to the company. With these, students become more receptive with the credibility and authority that we have established to this field of service that includes the following; 
  •  Pro-Active Marketing of Programs of Foreign Universities which they offer
  • Personalized Student Counselling to prepare and  guide them in  their course selections.
  • Provide relevant informations to prospective students on tuition and living costs including procedures for entry level jobs to aide in their stay abroad.
  • Conducts active promotions or presentation to local university students on the good prospects of foreign education.
  • Image builder of foreign universities to effectively encourage interested students for education abroad through counselling  and presentation sessions.
  • Broad Marketing  Links throughout Pakistan
  • Comprehensive Screening of documents required for admission to eliminate the burden to institutions.
  • Provide updates to institutions on the local educational policies, socio-economic changes impacting recruitment.
  • Arrange schedule of appointments and seminars to be conducted by visiting institutions staff to bring a more attractive promotions.
  • Can absolutely reduce cost of foreign institutions in promoting their universities abroad by making SCI as recognized representative