Overview of Associate Proposal



Why is an Association required?


To establish & manage a national network is very difficult for big organizations and impossible for the middle and smaller ones. It makes imperative for concerns who intend to grow through nation wide presence to use this type of association as a form of expansion. This is the only business format, which can enable a medium sized concern to go for a national expansion and reach customers in all parts of the country.

Studying abroad has emerged as a leading alternative for the students. Pakistan happens to be a large and complex market. The complexities involved in starting a new business are far more than starting a new office. Different languages, culture and socio-economic circumstances etc. determine the success of the venture. With the help of association one can easily overcome these problems.


Who can be eligible for the Association?


Educational counselors, consultants etc. having relevant experience as well as having basic idea about the geographical knowledge of the world are some of the criteria which could be considered for eligibility. However, it would not be out of place to mention that the person being associated should be equipped with the basic facilities & complete set up including communication facilities like telephones, fax, email etc. A flair for counseling, sound understanding of business principles, a sales background and a drive to succeed in the venture against competition also are some of the traits that we prefer. Each person who joins Study Concerns as an associate or an employee needs to share our vision to make Study Concerns as a leading consultancy firm and contribute towards making this vision a reality.



Study Concerns International renders all the necessary services for the student enrolling with it, which include the following:

  • Counseling of student.
  • Liaison with the University/college on behalf of the student.
  • Ensuring the admission of the student in the desired university/College.
  • Assisting in obtaining short- term bank loans and education loans.
  • Assisting in Visa Documentation.

What would be expected from an associate?

Representation: The associate is expected to be a representative of Study Concerns International in the territory designated. He/ She would need to keep SCI informed about all such information that is required for the success of the venture in the territory. The associate would be required to keep the central office updated on competitor activities so as to redefine marketing strategy. The associate would therefore work as an extension of the central office.

Counseling: The associate is supposed to attend all the calls and inquires of students. This also includes inviting the students and the parents to the office for personal counseling. The associate would offer the students the universities being represented by Study Concerns International and help them making the necessary decision. Any queries that the student may have would be solved by the associate himself or by taking the help of central office. The associate would also undertake all necessary follow ups, so as to ensure that the prospective students are enrolled with SCI.

Admission Process: On the successful enrollment of the student, the associate would ensure that the entire documents, specified by SCI are collected from the student. Please note that SCI does not require any original documents. Students are expected to submit only duly attested photocopies. All such documents along with the application form have to be dispatched by the associate to the central office for processing of the same with the university.

Publicity:Newspaper advertisements, seminars, career fair participation etc.
Counseling: Personal counseling by the associate office, responding & satisfying any queries etc.
Admission Process: Receiving the completed application forms and other documents from the students & forwarding the same to the central office in Lahore.
Newspaper Advertisement: The associate would undertake advertising in the leading newspaper in consultation with Study Concerns, so as to get the maximum clientele.

What would the association offer you?

An ultimate business opportunity with practically no investment or risk with reasonable returns for the efforts made. This association offers all this and more..
Terms and conditions to become an Associate:

  •  The associate should have his well-furnished office with communication facilities like telephone, fax, Internet etc.
  • The associate should be ready to give adverts.
  • The associate should appoint a counselor and have an office boy.
  • The associate should be well versed with English language and have good communication skills and convincing powers.
To become an associate please DOWNLOAD an application form