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Predictive Analytics Diploma

Program Overview:

Stay ahead of the competition with this cutting-edge applied program focused on harnessing big data for smart business decisions that optimize competitive and social benefits within an organization. Graduates of this program master a range of analytical models to become strategic leaders in any industry.

Successful graduates of this program can:
  • Design and implement data acquisition, management, and cleansing solutions to support data science applications;
  • Use effective visualizations to communicate patterns, trends, and other findings stemming from the analysis of data;
  • Use statistical techniques in the development of data science applications;
  • Describe legal, ethical, and societal considerations arising from the application of data science and predictive analytics;
  • Identify suitable applications and recommend the use of predictive analytical models in a business context;
  • Design the overall solution architecture required to support predictive modeling applications; and
  • Design, test, and implement predictive analytical models

Admission Requirements:

International students are required to hold a minimum of an undergraduate degree in Business, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics,
Statistics, or Physics.
In lieu of a degree/diploma; significant work experience involving analysis of data in an organizational or applied research context may be
considered on an exceptional basis. Programming knowledge is strongly recommended.
Predictive Analytics Diploma applicants must have a minimum of two years of professional work experience in applied computer science,
applied statistics, engineering, or a business role involving the use/analysis of data

IELTS Academic:                                   6.5
TOEFL - Internet Based:                  86
TOEFL:                                                       20 on each component

Next Start Dates:                                Wednesday, September 13, 2021

Tuition Fee:                                            C$15,100
Duration:                                                12 months
Application Fee:                                 C$125




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