Students Concern

Will my credits transfer to my home university?

Check with your SCI Counselor to make sure that credits from your study abroad program will be transferred to your home country and the course you intend to do have recognition in the home country.

What services are included in the program fee?

Study Concerns International program fees include comprehensive academic and student support services before, during, and after the study abroad experience, academic counseling, loan assistance, visa assistance, travel guidance and country/college specific information.

Is financial assistance available?

Discuss with the financial aid advisers at SCI to determine how much financial help you can expect to take your program. SCI has connections with various reputed banks in Pakistan which provide assistance to students in the form of bank loan. For more details contact SCI Counselors.

How can I assure myself that the guidance/options given by you would be best for me?

SCI assists the students in making a right and balanced choice after learning their requirements following an informal discussion on various relevant subjects. There are number of options out of which the students can opt the best suited with mutual consent of student an parents and the University representative.

Will I be able to work in foreign country along with studying?

Normally, as a student you are allowed to work for 20 hours part-time per week during your full time course. However, during vacations you can work full-time. The hours however vary from country to country. The rules and regulations some times vary and are subject to change. Students must check with local student Union or the local counselors of the respective college. Our counselors also guide students in this respect.

Is getting part time job difficult?

No It is not difficult to get a part-time job. In fact, If you are open to all kinds of legitimate work, securing a part-time job could be very easy. In fact you are respected for all kinds of work in the other countries and your part-time job is also a learning house for you, as it offers you a chance of improving your communication skills, exposes you to real-time work, initiates you to interact with different people and improves the confidence level.

What type of courses are available?

Institutions of higher education in abroad offer a wide range of courses, including foundation programs, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and diplomas, and research programs, universities offer around – undergraduate courses and ovr 20,000 postgraduate courses. Most universities and colleges take new admissions in September while a few do so in January/ February for select courses.

What are the general entry requirements?

Entry requirements depend on the course and university you choose. Proven academic excellence and/or work experience is sometimes mandatory for courses such as MBAs. In some countries IELTS/TOEFL /GRE/GMAT/SAT certification is mandatory.

What are my chances of scoring admission in MBA as a fresh graduate?

Most of the foreign universities require you to possess a minimum of two to three years of managerial work experience. However, some universities have a separate MBA course for which fresh graduates without work experience are also eligible.

Can I study part-time in the abroad?

No part time courses are not available for Pakistani Students.

When should I apply for admission?

Although most of the universities do not have a formal date for closing of applications, students are advised to apply as early as possible, particularly if they seek any form of financial assistance. Applying early also leaves you with more time to organize your travel documents, accommodation and various pre-departure arrangements. Thus students looking forward to start in September should apply in February/ March.

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Parents Concern

What kind of hostels/accommodation would be suiting to child during his/her study in abroad?

Normally, the colleges provide all sorts of boarding and lodging facilities. Anyhow, in certain exceptional cases due to rush or shortage, the colleges are unable to accommodate itself, in that case it helps the students in finding out the same. In certain cases, such arrangements are made by the students at their own in shape of individual/group level. It is important to note that our counselors are available to render valuable services free of charge to the needy students.

How could parents contact their children while studying abroad?

The parents can easily contact their children while they are studying abroad, mainly through the International student office of each and every college and also through our representative based in abroad

What possible difficulties/problems could be faced by children while studying abroad?

Generally following difficulties could arise during overseas studies:

Finding out the exact location of college
Hardships in finding suitable accommodation etc
Shortage of funds
Acquaintance with the atmosphere/college’s staff and curricula

SCI have at its strength representatives specially trained in the above referred matters. Students always feel comfortable and secure while having guidance from them.

Would student be safe while studying abroad?

Study Concerns International have constant liaison with the universities/colleges and maintain a steady flow of interaction with the students personally as well as through the authorities of the universities/colleges. The locations of all our colleges are of high international standard with excellent track record of law and order. Students are tutored about the “things to do” and “things not to do” for their well being and safety.

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