Canadian Culinary Operations – 2 Years

Program Information The Lambton College Canadian Culinary Operations, Ontario College Graduate Certificate is a two-year program that introduces students to the traditional as well as the unique practices of Canadian-inspired culinary dishes. Students experience all facets of the Canadian food industry where trends and dining culture are constantly evolving. Program curriculum reflects the demanding knowledge […]

Business Management – 2 Years

Program Information Looking for a well-rounded education focused on effective business management? The Business Management program is designed for university and college graduates who are eager to expand their management knowledge and skills. Using a student-centred, practical approach to learning, students work with professors with real world business experience to develop the tools needed for […]

Business Management – International Business – 2 Years

Programs Information Enhance your employability skills for a successful career in global business. The Business Management – International Business Ontario Graduate Certificate program is designed to prepare university and college graduates for a rewarding career in international business management. In addition to building management skills, students will develop the competencies to investigate, analyze and manage […]

Business Management – Human Resources – 2 Years

Program Information Are you looking for a program that will enhance your college diploma or university degree by developing strong practical business skills? The dynamic field of Human Resources is critical in today’s competitive environment. Companies now recognize that strong management of their human resources provides a competitive advantage and leads to organizational success. This […]

Biomaterials & Chemical Laboratory Analysis – Applied Science – 2 Years

Program Information The Lambton College Biomaterials & Chemical Laboratory Analysis – Applied Science, Ontario College Graduate Certificate, two-year program provides focused, experiential education to meet the demands of the energy, advanced materials, cannabis and other natural health product industries. In this program, students study advanced concepts in chemistry, biochemistry, biology, physics and mathematics applied to […]

Big Data Analytics – 2 Years

Program Information Developing new ways to interpret large amounts of information collected through web sites, transactions, records, and images can help provide solutions to many business, social, society, and technological challenges of today. Big data enables users to make informed decisions and better predict future outcomes. The Lambton College Big Data Analytics, Ontario College Graduate […]

Project Management + Marketing Management Coop – 2 Years

This program prepares you to initiate, plan, execute, monitor and control a project to ensure its success. That’s true whether your area of interest is the arts, community or social services, business or government administration. If you’re a seasoned professional, this program provides the opportunity to learn new skills to advance your career faster. Things […]

International Business Management + Marketing Management Coop – 2 Years

Things you’ll do and learn Develop a foreign market entry strategy for a specific product or service. Research and analyze potential international opportunities. Create a customized international business plan to support the global initiative of a real company. Learn to navigate cultural differences among trading partners and client Apply search engine marketing, social media promotion […]

Creative Industries Management + Marketing Management Coop – 2 Years

The creative industries need skilled professionals who understand both the business and creative side of media. Sheridan’s Creative Industries Management is a specialized eight-month program designed to prepare graduates as managers and entrepreneurs in the arts. With an understanding of management, financing and marketing you’ll be ready for a career in film, television, video games […]

Advertising Account Management + Marketing Management Coop – 2 Years

Things you’ll do and learn Develop business processes to achieve organizational goals. Integrate appropriate technologies for analysis and development of business processes. Create sound business arguments, using financial and cost analysis to justify any process change. Use SAP enterprise resource planning software (Sheridan is a member of the SAP University Alliances program). Apply search engine […]